The word democracy is derived from the Greek language, and it refers to the process of governance that gives much power to the people. As students of political science will tell you, democracy is a form of government which involves people governing themselves either directly or indirectly. In the indirect type of democratic governance, the people elect representatives who form a government. Just like all the other political ideas, democracy looks like a very good idea on paper.

The drafters of the democratic idea wanted to achieve a society where all people are equal, where they could be judged equally by law and that all people have the chance to become elected officials. However, the idea has been interfered with by capitalism and turned it into the monster that we have to deal with now. Since this is the best form of government that there is, mankind will surely stick to it for quite some time. Let us look at some of the benefits that come with having a democratic government.

Advantages of democracy

Offers protection from abuse of power


In any country that is practicing democracy, we have a republic; the republic has three arms or branches of government. They are the executive, judiciary, and the legislative arm. No branch of government has more power than the other since all are restricted by a series of checks and balances. These checks and balances are a critical part of the democratic system because they ensure that power is spread among the multiple organs that are involved. This is very crucial since it prevents the formation of a dictatorship. The balance of power is critical, as it ensures that the will of the people in that particular country is enforced, rather than the will of a small group of political leaders.

Limited majority rule

The other most outstanding attribute of a democracy is the rule of the majority. This is achieved through voting. However unrestricted majority rule can cause a treat to the liberty of the minority population. Therefore all democracies have drawn laws that play an important role in restricting the majority rule by guaranteeing the rights of all citizens including the minority. The majority rule can further be limited by placing the responsibility of legislation in the hands of the elected representatives. The representatives are always supposed to protect the interests of those who elected them.

Individual liberty

There is no society that can be classified as being democratic if it does not have basic civil liberties, this comes in the form of freedom of speech, association, media access and voting. This civil liberties are very important because, without them, the citizens of the country cannot govern themselves. Democracy ensures that there is freedom of speech and access to information.

Legal protection top all

Another advantage of a democracy is its legal system. Here all the legal rights of each citizen are guaranteed. They include a speedy trial and being heard by an impartial jury. It allows an environment which gives room for the exercise of all human rights.

Allows freedom

This is another important benefit of democracy. In a democratic state, citizens are allowed to live as they please. While there is the constitution which governs these liberties, a democracy ensures that there is the peace that is paramount to peaceful coexistence.