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Choosing the best dog nail clippers

When it comes to grooming a dog, it is always smart to remember to clip its nails. Why cut your dog’s nails? Wouldn’t longer nails offer more protection? Wrong. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. These furry canines walk on their toes; they do not walk on their pads nor on their nails. Therefore, the longer the nails grow, the more trouble they’ll have walking. Overgrown toenails will throw off their stride and start a painful chain reaction that could concern their manner of walking and even their health. Clipping your dog’s nails is essential in grooming and keeping your dog in good health. When trimming your canine’s nails, you will need nail clippers. Just a simple internet search will lead you to find the many different varieties of clippers that you can choose from.when you’re looking to buy the best nail trimmers for your pup, there are several differences that you must know about the different types of dog nail trimmers. So, when choosing one for your canine, you need to think about the type you are buying.

Scissor style clippers

small dogThese scissor style trimmers are the most common and the easiest to use. Just in its name, they are perfectly named since they work just like one pair of clippers. When using this, you can readily see where the toenail will be cut off. When you squeeze the handles, the sharp blades come together to cut off the ends of the nails. They are equipped with protection to guard against going too deep into the blades. This style is ideal for groomers who are not very experienced in grooming. These work best for pups and large dogs.

Guillotine style trimmers

These ones work like the apparatus it is named after. Instead of the head, these work for the toenails. This tool has a ring that you can put your dog’s paw into. A blade rides up from the bottom of its ring and then it slices the tip off. Unlike the scissors style, these don’t have a protection of a guard. It makes it easier to cut off too much. When using this, you need to be careful. This is probably best for groomers with experience. These work best for medium and small breeds.

Rotary trimmers

dog and its nailsThis type is the electric option. It has a nail file that rotates at high speed. This will give you the opportunity to file away slowly, hence reducing the chance of cutting your beloved pup. Unlike other trimmers, these will give you a smoother edge. But the downside is it will take more time, and the sound may upset your pet. These are best for canines who do not tolerate traditional trimmers.



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